Technology to activate communication-Integrate technology to enhance instruction only in a well-designed standards-based thematic unit using backwards design.

Technology to activate communication and transform learning

I. Resources for locating images and photos

1. Tag Galaxy
Search for photos from Flickr
2. Fotopedia
Collaborative photo encyclopedia
3. Compfight
Sort images for creative commons
4. Goggle Art Project
3D art tours of many museums
5. Google maps in many languages
Google maps in a variety of languages
6. MorgueFile
Lots of free photos
World's photo album-search creative commons
8. 5 card Flickr story -learn about -play
Designed to foster visual thinking, you get 5 random pictures from Flickr and then you create a story.
9. Pinterest
a pinboard-style photo sharing website

II. Using images and information to make stories, comics, books, magazines and speaking activities

1. Wordle
word clouds
2. Tagxedo
word clouds in shapes
3. Bubblr
Comic strips using Flickr photos
4. Piclits
Creative writing using images
5. Five Card Flickr Story
Lets you create a story from 5 random FLICKR pix
6. PECHA Flickr
20 random flickr photos, each one on screen for 20 seconds.
7. Issuu
Make a magazine or newsletter
8. Storybird
Collaborative Storytelling

III. Resources for using and creating videos

1. Video writing prompts
Site with writing prompts and popular videos
2. Video creating tools
Series of video creating tools grouped
3. Aminoto video
“music videos”
4. Dvolver video maker
cartoon videos
5. Tubechop
Cut a section of a Youtube video
6. Go Animate Edu
Comic and animated movie

IV. Technology to record voice or use computer generated voice

1. Vocaroo
Simple podcast
2. Voxopop
Talk discussion board
4. Google Voice
Students call and answer ?
5. AudioBoo
Record and upload audio

V. Technology to enhance speaking and writing Presentational communication

1. Glogster
Digital Poster
2. Fotobabble
“Trading cards
3. FaceinHole
Put your face in pix
4. Blabberize
Make picture talk
5. Make Beliefs Comix
Make comic strips
6. Padlet (Wallwisher)
Digital post it notes

VI. Other great tools to impact learning

1. DropBox
Cloud filesharing
2. Slideshare
Share and find ppt
3. Scribd
Share docs and pdf’s
4. Quizlet
Create and use flashcards
5. Textivate-
Change a text into a game
6. Remind101
Safe way to text students and parents
7. Socrative-reponse system for quizzes
Response system for quizzes
8. Layar
Augmented reality-layer urls, etc. on pix
9. QR code generator
ke qr codes-use “static” for free
10. Duolingo
language learning gamified
(app, too)
11. TES
amazing amount of resources and activities for many languages

VII. Apps

1. Neoreader-one of many qr code readers
2. Layar-Augmented Reality
3. Apps for Language learning (thanks to Melinda Larson)